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The two guest chickens have gone home, our friend and her son came to collect them on Saturday night.  I don’t think she thought I was going to give them back!  I didn’t want to!

We waited for the chickens to go in to the coop to roost, and painlessly picked them up of the perch, and put them in the cat box.

I wonder what our chickens thought about being on their own again?  Will they miss their new friends?  I wonder if they remembered the other Chickens were their sisters?   Who knows!

When we had the 4 chickens we discovered that they LOVE nectarines!  I cut one up in the kitchen to eat, half was ripe but the other side was a bit hard, I didn’t fancy it so I just put it on the lawn, all 4 chickens devoured everything but the stone in about 5 minutes flat!  I’ve added this to the list of things our chickens like to eat page.

I really liked having 4 chickens rather than just 2, so with that in mind, on Saturday morning I’m going to look at some chickens to give me some ideas what to get next.

I have found a great place that sells a range of Chickens and it is local to in Congleton, Cheshire, and they offer chicken boarding in Cheshire!  Its called Bevs Rare Breed Poultry.   This will certainly help with holidays in the future!   Looking at the chickens they have for sale I think I want at least one Sablepoot, and maybe something else beautiful.  Any suggestions?

How beautiful are these Sablepoots?!

How gorgeous are these Sablepoot (Booted Bantam) Chickens?!

My friend has just got 2, they are really tame and just let you pick them up with no fuss at all!  Her little girl is 18 months old and just wanders in to the chicken run, they are not bothered or scared!  They were quite expensive but they were recommended as a good breed for young children to handle.

Does anyone have any experience of owning a Sablepoot (Booted Bantam) Chickens? Id love to hear your thoughts?!

We are going on holiday for a week in September, our neighbor is going to be the Chicken sitter and look after them.  She has never done it before so I have written instructions out for her.

I bet our kind neighbours will get the 1st eggs!  Our 2 Silver Appenzeller Chickens are 20 weeks old this Sunday so still a few weeks to go before egg production starts!


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