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Last Thursday when I popped home after work, just to pick up some trainers – I was going dog walking with a friend.  I just happened to look out of the kitchen window to see the Chickens on the path, the time was 6ish, the chickens have normally put themselves to bed by the time I get home, so I went outside to investigate.  The coop door had blown closed, with the chickens in the garden, so they were wandering around slightly agitated trying to find somewhere to roost.  Looking up at everything higher than them, weighing it up quizzically, their little heads tilting from one side to the other “would that make a good perch?!”

I just happened to glance into enclosure, to my surprise I saw a BIG white and ginger cat looking very unhappy locked inside!!  Maybe the chickens are secretly very clever and had imprisoned the cat!  I could just imagine it, my 2 beautiful black and white back garden chickens walking up and down the fence, strutting their stuff, taunting the trapped cat!

My panic was rising, how was I going to get the cat out of there?  As soon as it saw me, it ran around the side of the shed (the chicken enclosure is in a corner of the garden, a 6ft garden fence on 1 side, and a shed makes up another side, there is a gap around the shed that the chickens can run down, however I have meshed the shed to the fence so nothing can get in and nothing can get out!) The cat ran round the shed and straight up the fence and got stuck in the chicken mesh.  It just hung there growling.  It was not a happy cat.

The Chickens were interested in what was going on, and they were ready for bed so they were actively hanging around the coop entrance.  To make life easier I put the Chickens in the Greenhouse and closed the door (my poor seedlings took a bit of a hammering!)

I went next door to see if my lovely neighbours could help get the cat out of our Chicken enclosure from their side.  They had canes, I had canes, there we were cat herding, poking canes through the mesh from 2 sides of the chicken enclosure trying to get a naughty cat out of the chickens little home.  What a sight!  It took ages to get the cat out.  Eventually, he shot out past the chicken coop, straight out the door of the Chicken enclosure, round the greenhouse and was over the fence in a heartbeat.

Hopefully he won’t come back!

I wonder if the cat would kill my chickens?  Who would come of worse – Chicken or Cat?  I’m sure the chickens would peck, and they are very good at flying so I’d like to think they would get away.

I let our back garden Chickens out in the garden all day every day now.  I used to only just let them out in the evening, but now the chickens are going to bed earlier and earlier as the light goes much sooner in the day now, it seems cruel to leave them in the enclosure all day.  Now we have an interested cat I’m not sure what to do for the best?

I never thought Chicken Keeping would be so interesting, and full of such dilemmas!

The other thought I have had is the cat maybe more interested in the mouse rather than the chickens.  We’ve had a little resident mouse living in our garden since we moved in.

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