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This chicken blog is about the lives of our back garden chickens. We have 2 Silver Appenzeller Spitzhauben Chickens, Whitey and Tufty. One Silver Campine chicken called Silvie and last but not last a Vorwerk called Goldie. They live in a home-made Chicken enclosure, in the back garden of a Semi-detached house in Cheshire. We got the Appenzellers at 8 week old chicks and the other two more recently at 1015 week old chicks. We are novice Chicken keepers looking to share our journey, what we learn along the way about keeping chickens, the joys of chicken keeping, the successes we have and the troubles we face. Please visit my other pages summarising all that we learn including: tips on keeping chickens, useful tricks and interesting websites, links to other chicken blogs, chicken books about how to keep chickens. I’m also compiling a list of foods that our chickens love to eat! and what our chickens don’t like to eat. In my spare time I also have an allotment, go to woodwork evening class and do knitting!

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