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I got an egg out of the nesting box last week.  It was the egg laid the day before i went and got it, I forgot to take it out.  I’m pretty sure it was frozen.  However it could just have been very cold.

Should you eat a chicken egg that has been frozen?  Looking on-line today it seems you can eat frozen eggs.  If the egg freezes there WILL be a crack in the shell because the liquid inside it expands when they freeze   So if it did not crack was the egg definitely not frozen?!  Some eggs might have a hairline crack that is barely visible and other might be totally ruined, but if the membrane is still in tact you can use them!  You can put them in the freezer and use them for baking at a later date. When they are frozen you can peel the shell easily, put it in a dish to thaw.  Some people scramble the eggs that have cracked and feed them back to the chickens, and other people eat them as normal.

If you think your chicken eggs have frozen I would just use those eggs up 1st.  I ate the egg I thought had frozen, it looked an egg and tasted like an egg!


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