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The snow started to fall quite hard last Friday, and none of the chickens had ever seen the snow before.  The Appenzellers were hiding in the coop (I have not seen them hide in there unless they were laying) the Silver Campine and the Vorwerk were hiding under the coop next to the food and the water.  They definitely had the better end of the deal!  As soon as we went outside to see them, they all came outside to say hi.  It was very funny watching them hopping across the snow!  As soon as they had been out for 5 minutes the snow didn’t bother them at all.  At least the garden is not getting too much of a hammering, the ground is so cold they can’t scratch about much.  I said that keeping chickens can be stressful at times but it is so much fun, the pros definitely outweigh the cons!

They were leaving the cutest chicken prints all over the garden!

Here are some of the pictures I took over the weekend of our chickens in the snow

Silver Appenzellers in the snow - Tufty and Whitey

Silver Appenzellers in the snow – Tufty and Whitey

All 4 chickens in the snow

All 4 chickens in the snow, Silver Campine – Silvie, Vorwerk – Goldie, and the 2 Appenzellers. All getting on!


Goldie the Vorwek in the snow

DSC_7416 DSC_7408 DSC_7391


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